Wind power meter reading
Online metering of your Solar PV or Wind Power systems

Smart Metering for Renewables

Approved Smart generation meters used with MeterOnline are ideally suited to remote monitoring of Solar PV, Wind Turbines and other renewable energy sources. Remote monitoring is particularly important for customers that need to monitor a large number of sites such as Councils, Housing Associations, Maintenance and Investment companies.

MeterOnline provides the data needed for the revenue stream plus condition monitoring and proactive maintenance alerts. MeterOnline inherent scalability provides a complete managed metering system that can handle any number of meters from almost any location. Your metering account can be easily added to at any time via the online meter management pages.

Some of the most impressive things about our system for smart metering for renewabales are:

  • Generates reports quickly and can submit FIT claim – claiming FIT / ROCs / RHI
  • Analyse performance
  • Maintenance alerts – receive them via email if meter not read

Solar PV Monitoring

A MID approved smart meter used as the Total Generation Meter provides the kWh readings needed for FIT submission etc. without visiting site. For multi-site generators this reduces operating costs and allows registration for AMR with the FIT licensee so the number of site inspections per year can be reduced in accordance with recommendations from OFGEM. Where the system is being monitored as part of a PPA (power purchase agreement) the solar energy used on site can be calculated by the use of Smart Meters for both Generation and Export. The metering also provides maintenance alerts and performance analysis ensuring maximum efficiency and revenue.

Wind Turbine Monitoring

Smart meters are ideal for wind turbines at remote and distributed locations where collecting meter readings is not easily possible. In the case of smaller systems without onsite telemetry the smart meter gives a cost-effective means of remotely monitoring performance and sending alerts in the case of failures. Where the MID approved smart meter is the main generation meter it can provide the kWh values needed for generation incentive schemes and power purchase agreements without visiting site.

Hydro Power Metering

Where a small hydro scheme operator has their own check meters and generation meters on site, using smart meters or retrofitting communications to existing meters such as the Honeywell Elster A1700, provides remote generation monitoring and collection of the kWh readings required. Readings and half hour profiles from MID approved meters at both LV and HV can be remotely collected and archived via Meteronline for analysis.

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Metering

The generation and parasitic load of an AD plant can be monitored remotely using the operators own smart meters. Meters at both LV and HV can be read and communications equipment is available for retrofit to existing meters. By using MID approved smart meters kWh readings and half hour kW profiles are recorded via Meteronline creating an archive of data verifying operation of the plant and providing kWh readings off site.

Metering for renewables

Multi-Site Generators (MSGs)

Services for Housing Associations, Councils, Investors with multi-site assets e.g. Solar PV systems

  • AMR – No site access required to take meter readings
  • Automatic FIT submission facility included within the service, simply receive a report and FIT payment, reduce administration costs.
  • Register for AMR with your FIT Licensee to reduce site inspections.
  • Alerts pinpoint systems requiring maintenance.
  • Performance analysis highlights systems with low generation.
  • Reports can be generated on demand or on schedule.
  • Automatic data export to other websites and services.
  • Maintenance login via mobile phone allows real time testing of systems.
  • Cloud portal with access to all readings and maintenance notes.
  • Recovery of Reading and Data Handling Service – If your installer or data collector has gone into liquidation or terminated your reading services, we can restore your AMR service.
Automatic Meter Reading

Operation and Maintenance Providers

  • Services for companies providing O&M to generators, Solar, Wind, CHP, AD, Hydro etc. and their end customers.
  • AMR can be included within a service package (with branded customer login option available).
  • Access for both the end customer and for O&M
  • Performance analysis and Alerts for proactive maintenance.
  • Automatic data export to other systems.
  • Supply of spare metering and communication equipment.
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