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The online remote energy monitoring system for Renewable Energy Generation Monitoring, Energy Management, Smart Meter Billing and EV Battery Charging – MeterOnline, building the IoT since 2005.

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About Meteronline Metermanager
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Leading meter service providers

MeterOnline gives our customers the capability to have their own Smart Meters installed and read them via our cloud portal at any location and on any device from PC to iPhone. The underlying idea is to make the process simple and use standard smart meters from the major manufacturers for reliability, ease of installation and cost effectiveness. In the background the service takes care of, SIM card, airtime and communications security. In addition to automatically reading the meter, MeterOnline stores, processes and communicates the readings to simplify the customers end objective e.g. Claiming FIT, monitoring energy use or billing their customers.

  • Over the years we have become a leading metering service provider.
  • Accessibility is key to our cloud portal.
  • It’s the simple solution, fit the meter, read it via MeterOnline
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Handles all of your meter tracking needs

MeterOnline Features and Benefits

  • Readings wirelessly retrieved via mobile communication technology
  • Readings available online 24/7
  • View daily, weekly, monthly and yearly energy profiles via online charting
  • Automate Microsoft Excel compatible meter reading reports
  • Receive automatic alerts and reports via email
  • Automated billing / reading statement capabilities
  • Register additional meters quickly and easily online
  • Complete online energy monitoring and management system
  • One annual subscription includes all communications and data handling
  • Read Smart Meters from multiple manufacturer
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Online meter reading and monitoring made simple

Smart Meters mean that the days of driving for miles, crawling into a cupboard, dusting away the cobwebs and peering at a meter to obtain a reading are over. Smart Metering saves errors, time and money and is easy to do. This luxury is not only available to the major utility companies, if you already have generation meters on Solar PV systems or sub-meters in industrial units it is a simple matter to replace them with a Smart Meter that can be read via MeterOnline. Or if it is a new project we can supply the Smart Meters to fit from day one.

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