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MeterOnline is a simple AMR solution for taking accurate meter readings at distributed locations for energy costing and tenant billing. By fitting Smart sub-metering within premises, energy use for specific supplies can be remotely read. Applications range from tenant billing in multi-occupancy buildings, to industrial estate metering.

kWh Metering

Each meter is independent and may be at any location in the UK, readings are brought together at a single point accessible via a single login. MeterOnline’s inherent scalability provides a complete managed metering system that can handle any number of meters. Your metering account can be easily added to at any time via the online meter management pages.

Who it's useful for

Real World Applications

We can automatically collect meter readings and make electricity bills for you, there's no longer any need for you to gain access to the meter e.g. the tenant isn't in or a secure office you can’t gain access to




  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) for tenant billing from smart sub-meters.
  • Avoid manual reading errors and reduce administration costs.
  • No access needed to obtain a meter reading.
  • Our service is cost effective and can easily be recovered within a service charge.
  • Automatic alerts for missed reads and no increase in meter reading.
  • Reports and data export to link with billing/accounting systems.
  • Half Hour reading profile option, see when energy is used to explain energy saving and resolve disputes.
  • Comply with regulations and recommendations for energy management.
  • MID approved smart meters suitable for billing purposes.
  • Easy to replace existing meters, British Standard connections and no extra wiring needed for remote reading.
  • Latest cloud portal accessible from any location including via tablets/phones.

A wide variety of metering equipment can be used with the MeterOnline service, see Meter Sales

Metering for billing

From 1 to 1,000s of meters

For Individual Customers
with 1 Meter

Easy registration & online payment

For Multiple Meters
up to several thousand

Cost effective service on a one year contract