What makes us different

About MeterOnline

The MeterOnline system has been in operation since 2005 and has a broad range of customers including community energy schemes, councils, housing associations, major companies and individual users.

Leading meter service providers

Over the years we’ve constantly updated our systems to use the latest technology and available hardware.

Remote Readings

Readings from smart meters are sent securely via the mobile phone network and then through private network connections to our systems. Typically the smart meters are monitoring renewable energy generation from Solar PV, Wind, etc. or sub-metering electricity supplies.


The principle of the system is to collect data from customers own Smart Meters at any location and make the results accessible anywhere via a easy to use cloud portal. The MeterOnline system provides facilities to manage, display, analyse and retransmit the data.

Large Support Team

We are backed by a large development team providing support and updates.



  • A Housing Association with 500 solar PV installations needs to automatically claim the feed in tariff and monitor system operation.
  • The installation contractor fits a Smart Meter, instead of the standard generation meter on each system
  • All the meters are automatically read on a regular basis via the MeterOnline system, and can be checked online
  • The MeterOnline system assembles all the data into a single FIT report with the option of scheduled transmission for total automation of the FIT claim.
  • The operation of all systems is monitored and if one system ceases to generate an alert is sent so maintenance can be undertaken
  • A record of readings is accumulated for comparison with expected output and performance analysis.


  • Flexible account structure – single account for all meters or several accounts
  • Meter groups within accounts (buildings, projects etc)
  • Database of meter information – location etc
  • The Meters View shows all meters and readings in a configurable spreadsheet view
  • Download of account data in any required format – e.g. Good Energy FIT Report
  • Self registration of meters using meter number and security code (for installer)
  • Individual meter (“dashboard”) displays with readings and various profile graphs
  • Performance analysis – comparison with existing data and expected results
  • Instantaneous readings from meter on demand
  • Automatic email facilities
  • Reports – Spreadsheets Electricity bill, etc. on demand and scheduled
  • Alerts – No reading, No increase, Outside limits.
  • Read only login facility
  • Installer/Maintenance web-app for checks using mobile phone
  • Individual meter data access (for end customers – limited so other meters can’t be seen)
  • Customised display with own logo and colours
  • Ongoing improvement policy – if a feature is required it can be scheduled into updates if generally useful (at no cost to the customer)

Our Company History

Meter Manager established – initially providing wired Modbus and PLC metering systems

MeterOnline system first brought into operation reading GSM Smart Meters

Implemented new cloud based system with unlimited data storage and a 60,000+ meters per hour read rate

Impressive Figures

Meters per hour read rate

Meters read by our systems

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