How Does It Work

Smart Meters

MeterOnline and other suppliers provide Smart Meters which can be remotely read, these are made by the various leading manufacturers, smart meters are similar to a normal meter and can be fitted by an electrical contractor. The meters use the mobile phone network to communicate readings within encoded messages, MeterOnline decodes these secure messages and presents the meter readings to its customers. The smart meters are MID (Measurement Instruments Directive) compliant ensuring they are approved for billing and renewables generation purposes.

Cloud Portal

Data is presented via the MeterOnline portal which includes all the features to manage meter readings and handle the associated data and can be accessed anywhere via PC, tablet or phone. The service includes performance analysis, alerts, automatic reports and data export to other energy analysis systems. We also provide the SIM card and airtime needed for each meter, which are included within one low cost annual subscription.

A wide variety of metering equipment can be used with the MeterOnline service, if you don’t already have the equipment see Meter Sales

Making your meter reading and monitoring easy

How To Get Started

A MeterOnline account can be opened with just one meter, all you need is the meter serial number and security code to begin. Ideally set up the account when the meter is purchased so that the SIM will be active ready to take a reading immediately when the meter is installed. Once the account its open it is easy to register additional meters, we can also assist by importing lists of meters on larger projects.

1. Purchase a Smart Meter

Click here for list of compatible
and for meter sales

2. Register on MeterOnline

Open a new account or add
meter to an existing account

3. Fit Meter and read via MeterOnline

Login to readings, reports, alerts and more
From anywhere on PC, Laptop, Phone or Tablet


From 1 to 1,000s of meters

For Individual Customers
with 1 Meter

Easy registration & online payment

For Multiple Meters
up to several thousand

Cost effective service on a one year contract