Energy Management and specialised services

Metering for Energy Management

Smart metering for Energy Management to save you money

Services for energy management companies and their customers, Automatic Monitoring and Targeting half hour data profiling to comply with energy monitoring requirements and recommendations.

Metering services for energy saving projects, e.g. Before-and-after monitoring for LED Lighting or Voltage Optimisation.

Monitoring for Electric Vehicle (EV) charge points in the home and workplace with charge event reporting in OLEV format.

Here’s what MeterOnline includes:

  • Easy access from anywhere via secure cloud portal.
  • Daily reads and Half Hour profiling.
  • Automatic data export.
  • Automatic reports and alerts.
  • Cost effective metering with straightforward installation.

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Data Collection

Fit smart meters to collect energy data, each meter operates independently, there is no special wiring or configuration needed. Readings are wirelessly sent to Meteronline, and the subscription includes all communications costs.

Half hour profiles

Readings with half our profiles are returned every day showing the time of energy use, the meters can collect both import and export data if there is on site generation. Other reading strategies are available including one reading per day, real time readings may also be manually initiated.


User configurable daily, weekly and monthly reports and graphs summarise energy use and compare with targets and previous data. Automatic data export allows meter readings to be fed into other systems for analysis via email and FTP. Reports include Electric Vehicle charge event reports in OLEV format.

Comply with Regulations

MID approved smart sub meters help ensure compliance with regulations for high energy users and general compliance with part L2 of the Building Regulations.

Save Money

Smart meters are cost effective and are available at less than the cost of a short term power survey, whilst providing a permanent monitoring solution which may well pay for itself. By using energy monitoring savings can be made by highlighting wasted energy and adjusting time of energy use to reduce costs.

A wide variety of metering equipment can be used with the MeterOnline service, see Meter Sales


From 1 to 1,000s of meters

For Individual Customers
with 1 Meter

Easy registration & online payment

For Multiple Meters
up to several thousand

Cost effective service on a one year contract