Smart Metering for Electric Vehicle Charge Point Monitoring

Meter supplies to EV Charge points, individually or in groups.

Here’s what MeterOnline includes:

  • Individual Charge Points – allows electricity used in vehicle charging to be accounted for on both smart chargers or simple charging sockets.
  • Groups of Charge Points – where charge points are fed from the supply to an existing building, separately monitor the electricity being used to in order to re-charge for its use.
  • Keep records of changing electricity used – quickly provide evidence for tax purposes.
  • MID (Measurement Instruments Directive) approved smart meters allow the readings to be used for financial purposes.
  • Produce energy reports and charge event reports.
meter for electric vehicle charging

We also supply Smart Meters that can be fitted by a suitably qualified electrical contractor. These include both single phase and three phase smart meters for all charge point types.


From 1 to 1,000s of meters

For Individual Customers
with 1 Meter

Easy registration & online payment

For Multiple Meters
up to several thousand

Cost effective service on a one year contract